Toxic relationship free :  when relationships poison the future, what to do?

Toxic relationship free : when relationships poison the future, what to do?

Christy MS

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Penerbit Jakarta : PT Elex Media Komputindo, 2022
Deskripsi Fisik 376 Halaman ; 21 cm
ISBN 9786230032851
Subjek Self-improvement
Bahasa Indonesia
Call Number 155.25 CHI t
It is not easy to determine whether a relationship can be said to be toxic. What is the standard? This book talks about goals in a distorted life, in the realm of the most privacy: hurt emotions and feelings. Not only reviewing the behaviors that are often shown by those in toxic relationships, this book also discusses the 7 wrong mindsets that are brought into the relationship, which makes the risk of toxic relationships greater. This book will answer the biggest question throughout its writing, namely: What causes a person to become toxic and how to get out of this situation? Is breaking up the single best solution to get out of a toxic relationship? All of those things will be reviewed not only from the author's perspective, but also from real stories by more than 30 toxic relationship survivors who participated and submitted their stories. For simplicity, this book comes with a self-assessment sheet, to help you assess the condition of your own relationship. At the end, you will be invited to see how to refocus on what your life goals are and how to build the future. Because the author believes, love is supposed to be easy, very enjoyable, inspiring, and future-building.
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