The journey of belonging :  a herstory between time and space

The journey of belonging : a herstory between time and space

Lala Bohang (Pengarang) ; Nuberg, Lara (pengarang)

Catatan Perjalanan -- Otobiografi
Detil Buku
Edisi Cetakan pertama
Penerbit Frankfurt : Twentifive Media, 2020; Didistribusikan di Indonesia pada Maret 2021
Deskripsi Fisik 169 halaman : ilustrasi, ; 23 cm.
ISBN 9786239519834
Subjek Catatan Perjalanan -- Otobiografi
Bahasa Indonesia
Call Number 920 LAL j
The Journey of Belonging - a herstory between time and space is a collection of stories, letters, photos, drawings and questions in which the Indonesian writer and visual artist Lala Bohang and the Indo-Dutch writer and historian Lara Nuberg explore what binds them together. Are their lives connected by 350 years of Dutch presence in the Indonesian archipelago? Or has colonial history hardly left its mark on the lives of these two young women? The cooperation between Lala Bohang and Lara Nuberg originated from the exchange project 'My Story, Shared History', initiated by Dutch Culture, Indisch Herinneringscentrum and Komunitas Salihara.
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