Ingenuity for national culture :  science and technology for national cultural development

Ingenuity for national culture : science and technology for national cultural development

Harijono Djojodihardjo (Pengarang)

IPTEK -- Pendidikan Teknologi
Detil Buku
Edisi Cetakan pertama
Penerbit Jakarta : Kosa Kata Kita, 2020
Deskripsi Fisik 954 halaman : ilustrasi ; 26 cm.
ISBN 9786237430575
Subjek IPTEK -- Pendidikan Teknologi
Bahasa Indonesia
Call Number 607.1 HAR i
The present book has evolved from the intention of the author to have an introspection and retrospection of what the author has experienced during his life, that is when his 80th birthday forthcoming. It is also intended to be an expression to God Almighty that has endowed upon him a life that the author has been extremely gratified. Then, what should be written should be something that the author has learned and like to share with his children, grandchildren, relatives, students and former students alike, and more importantly to the interested readers and mankind. It is by no means an autobiography or memoir, but something like a part of a “flashback”, that may represent my “accountability” in life. Having spent a large part of my life in academia, as a civil servant in government institutions dealing with science and technology, and partly in industry, but realizing that no extraordinary achievement have been delivered to the public, it seems appropriate that I would start from how and why what I have been doing began. It appears to me that all of these started from “my dream”, and from what I have been thankful, my capability to use my “reasoning capability”. This is something that need more thoughtful elaboration, and this is all about the book. My dream and why I have dreamed. I just want to share this dream and how I have been attempting to realize this dream through a life paradigm that I dubbed “Being Together” reflecting the high-values of mankind reflected by many, if not all religions, that is Love, Care, Share, Give and Serve. In my mother’s tongue Javanese, this is expressed as “Guyub: Tresno, Gumati, Asih-Asih-Asuh, Caos, Laden”. I cannot claim I have delivered many downstream products to mankind and universe, but I have a dream and started to interact with mankind and nature from upstream and from within my deep-self, by using the most sacred gift from God-All-Mighty, my “reasoning capability”, with the objective to contribute to the development of the culture of the society that should be so based, though my expertise. The latter goes on the scientific attitude and scientific culture, to expansion and sharing with associates the dream to generate the following dreams. As cases in point, writings and presentations, are ways of expressing your dream to certain extent, disseminating ideas and interact with co-workers, mostly young and inspiring young colleagues. These I found gratifying.. The title: INGENUITY FOR NATIONAL CULTURE is a goal that is believed to constitute a union between progressive and sustainable goal of mankind as individual, group, and nation, starting from Creative ingenuity through the use of “reasoning capability” as an intrinsic and latent capital possessed by each and every individual. Nevertheless, the implementation to achieve the goal following the paradigm elaborated here, that is through scientific contribution, can be further developed to form individual or collective cultural product that eventually contributes to one or more aspects of the multi-faceted National Culture.
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