Gusher of lies :  the dangerous delusions of energy independence

Gusher of lies : the dangerous delusions of energy independence

Robert Bryce

Sejarah Amerika Serikat
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Penerbit United States America : PublicAffairs, 2008
Deskripsi Fisik 384 Halaman ; 22 cm
ISBN 9781586483210
Subjek Sejarah Amerika Serikat
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number R/973 BRY g
Everybody is talking about "energy independence." But is it really achievable? Is it actually even desirable? In this controversial, meticulously researched book, Robert Bryce exposes the false promises behind the rhetoric while blasting nearly everybody— Republicans, Democrats, environmentalists, and war-mongering neoconservatives—for misleading voters about our energy needs.Gusher of Lies explains why the idea of energy independence appeals to voters while also showing that renewable sources like wind and solar cannot meet America's growing energy demand. Along the way, Bryce eviscerates the ethanol scam. Whether the issue is cost, water consumption, or food prices, corn ethanol is one of the longest-running robberies ever perpetrated on American taxpayers. Consumers concerned about peak oil and the future of global energy supplies need to understand that energy security depends on embracing free markets and the realities of interdependence. Gusher of Lies is illuminating, vital reading.
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