Clinical surgery Made Easy :  A companion to problem - based learning

Clinical surgery Made Easy : A companion to problem - based learning

Silva, Mohan de (Pengarang)

Clinical Surgery = Bedah Klinis
Detil Buku
Edisi -
Penerbit Shrewbury : TFM Publishing, 2008
Deskripsi Fisik xii, 248 hlm. : Illus ; 27 cm
ISBN 9781903378656
Subjek Clinical Surgery = Bedah Klinis
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number R/617 SIL c
Reviewing medical or surgical textbooks is not necessarily my favorite intellectual activity given that many textbooks are stuffed with material that has no clinical application. Hence, they are somewhat boring to read. I wonder why psychologists and psychiatrists never thought of using them for hypnosis. As such when asked to review one, I commission my wife to ring a bell every 15 minutes to make sure that I stay on course until the job is done. This book under review is clearly an exception. After studying the entire book, I find it an easy read and full of surgical gems. Also, it addresses a common obstacle in surgical training known to all surgical educators. Medical students and junior residents are often challenged by formulating a working diagnosis and a treatment plan for a wide range of surgical problems they face day in and day out throughout their training. Even in the presence of adequate knowledge, it is often difficult for them to apply it when required. Such skills can only be mastered through problem-based curricula and through the instruction of competent and dedicated clinical teachers, which, depending on the time of exposure and or the case load, are not necessarily available to all trainees at all times. To circumvent this situation, Professor De Silva carefully designed a series of common clinical scenarios in general surgery to stimulate the clinical decision-making approach. Under each topic he highlighted the essential core knowledge and the relevant clinical pathways, followed by questions and answers. This reinforces retention and facilitates recall of facts when required.
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