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Principles of Accounting

Principles of Accounting

Needles, Belverd , Marian Powers, Susan Crosson (Pengarang)

Business & Economics
Edisi 10th Edition
Penerbit Boston : Hought Mifflin Company, 2007
Deskripsi Fisik 1312 hlm : Illus ; 26 cm
ISBN 111180950X ; 9781111809508
Subjek Business & Economics
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number R/657 NEE p

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Needles, Powers, and Crosson continue to help instructors stay on top of the change curve with Principles of Accounting. Balanced, flexible content in this market-leading text is supported by an array of integrated print and technology supplements. Whether an instructor wants to present a user or procedural orientation, incorporate new instructional strategies, develop students' core skills and competencies, or integrate technology into the classroom, Principles of Accounting provides a total solution, making it the natural choice for accounting instructors. Ideal for two-semester courses, the Tenth Edition focuses primarily on the use of accounting information in today's business world--beginning with sole proprietorships--and represents the most significant revision of the text to date. Content updates reflect current accounting and business practices, while greater attention is given to ethics, service enterprises, and international issues. In addition, the text features a more concise, accessible writing style; a new design to emphasize the user-oriented content; and enhanced technology components for both instructors and students. Accuracy reviewers check every line and work through each exercise in the text and supplements, making Principles of Accounting the most accurate among similar texts on the market.


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