The evenings :  a winter's tale

The evenings : a winter's tale

Reve, Gerard (Pengarang)

Kesusastraan Belanda -- Motivasi
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Penerbit London : Pushkin Press, 2023; Original text © Erven Gerard Reve 1947; English translation © Sam Garrett 2016; Amsterdam : De Bezige Bij, 1947
Deskripsi Fisik 317 halaman ; 21 cm.
ISBN 9781805330264
Subjek Kesusastraan Belanda -- Motivasi
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number 839.3 REV e
The Evenings by Gerard Reve focuses on something we’ve all experienced – wasted days. They’re the ones where you get up buzzing with plans to make the most of the day. For Frits van Egters, the central character in Gerard Reve’s debut novel The Evenings, most of his days disappear into this kind of nothingness. In the final days of 1946 he wakes one Sunday morning determined that this day will be different; that this “will be a day well spent. This will be no wasted and profitless Sunday.” But what happens? Nothing much. He drifts through the day, one minute listening to the radio and the next taking books from his shelves and flicking through them without reading a word. In between he looks out of the window, idly observing the passers by and ducks waddling on the canal, and makes a minute examination of his mouth in the mirror. By then it is afternoon and “all is lost, everything is ruined. But the evening can still make up for a great deal.” Except his visit that evening to a friend also turns out to be a waste of time. And so one day turns into the next and the next. His life in fact is an endless cycle of monotonous days.
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