Textiles of indonesia :  the thomas murray collection

Textiles of indonesia : the thomas murray collection

Aragon, Lorraine V. (Pengarang) ; Joanna Barrkman (Pengarang) ; Christopher Buckley (Pengarang) ; Kristal Hale (Pengarang) ; Valerie Hector (Pengarang) ; Janet Alison Hoskins (Pengarang) ; Itie van Hout (Pengarang) ; Hetsuko Iwanaga (Pengarang) ; Fiona Kerlogue (Pengarang) ; Eric Kjellgren (Pengarang) ; Brigitte Khan Majli (Pengarang) ; Robyn Maxwell (Pengarang) ; Thomas Murray (Pengarang) ; Sandra Sardjono (Pengarang)

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Penerbit London : Prestel, 2021; © 2021 Prestel Verlag; © 2021 for the texts : Lorraine V. Aragon
Deskripsi Fisik 556 halaman : ilustrasi ; 34 cm.
ISBN 9783791387659
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Bahasa Inggris
Call Number R/677 ARA t
Gathered over the course of four decades, the Thomas Murray collection of Indonesian textiles is one of the most important privately owned collections of its type in the world. The objects comprise ritual clothing and ceremonial cloths that tell us much about the traditions of pre-Islamic Indonesian cultures, as well as about the influences of regional trade with China, India, the Arab world, and Europe. As with the earlier volume, Textiles of Japan (Prestel, 2018), the book focuses on some of the finest cloths to come out of the archipelago, presenting each object with impeccable photographs, colors, patterns, and intricate details. Geographically arranged, this volume pays particular attention to textiles from the Batak and the Lampung region of Sumatra, the Dayak of Borneo, and the Toraja of Sulawesi, as well as rare textiles from Sumba, Timor and other islands. Readers will learn about the intricate and highly developed traditions of dyeing, weaving, and beading techniques that have been practiced for centuries, resulting in a breathtaking collection of motifs, patterns, dyes, and adornments. Original texts by leading international experts draw on the latest research to offer historical context, unspool the mysteries behind ancient iconography, and provide new insights into dating and provenance. At once opulent and scholarly, this book arrives at a moment of growing interest in Southeast Asian culture and carries the imprimatur of one of the art world’s leading collectors.
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