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Wayang and its doubles :  Javanese puppet theatre, television and the internet

Wayang and its doubles : Javanese puppet theatre, television and the internet

Mrazek, Jan (Pengarang)

Wayang kulit / Javanese puppet
Edisi Cetakan pertama
Penerbit Singapore : NUS Press, 2019; © 2019 Jan Mrazek
Deskripsi Fisik xiv, 349 Halaman : Ilustrasi ; 21 cm.
ISBN 9789814722957
Subjek Wayang kulit / Javanese puppet
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number 791.53 MRA w ; R/791.53 MRA w

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Perpustakaan Jakarta - Cikini
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Bibliografi: halaman 337-343 ; Indeks: halaman 344-349 ; Much has been said about how Javanese puppet theatre, wayang kulit, richly reflects the Javanese world, and how changes and tensions in performance practice mirror those in culture and society. For decades, television has been as intensely part of the Javanese world as wayang. This book explores the ways two complex media and modes of being, seeing and fantasizing, with their different cultures, coexist and meet, and haunt or invade each other. It is what a Javanese commentator calls a “difficult marriage”: intimate on the one hand, deeply alienating on the other, institutionalized yet at the same time mercurial and shifting. This encounter is explored on many levels: from performance aesthetics and the technicalities of television production, to issues of time, space, light, place, and movement, to audience experience of live and televised performances, to the collaboration and struggle between performers and television producers. Central to the book are personal perspectives and experiences, as well as Javanese discussions surrounding the interaction between wayang and television and their cultures.


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