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Basic and applied :  concepts of immunohematology (second edition)

Basic and applied : concepts of immunohematology (second edition)

BLANEY, Kathy D.

Edisi 2nd ed
Penerbit St. Louis, Miss. : Mosby Elsevier, 2009
Deskripsi Fisik xxii, 373 Halaman ; 29 cm
ISBN 9780323048057
Subjek Hematologi
Bahasa Indonesia
Call Number R/616.15 BLA b

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Perpustakaan Jakarta - Cikini
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Clear and accessible, this text addresses the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to work in a blood-banking laboratory. It integrates basic theory - genetics, immunology, and immunohematology - then adds practical, problem-solving exercises. Clinical scenarios and critical thinking exercises help you apply basic concepts to modern transfusion and blood-bank settings. Experienced authors offer a practical "in the trenches" view of life in the laboratory. A clinical application focus relates concepts to practice and offers examples of using theoretical information in the laboratory setting. Coverage of quality control assurance and regulatory issues includes the "whys" in both reagents and equipment. An entire chapter is devoted to basic genetics and immunology coverage. Blood group systems are described in easy-to-follow, student-friendly terms. Illustrations and tables help you understand critical information. A two-color design brightens the text and makes it more reader-friendly.


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