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Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Keratoplasty

Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Keratoplasty

ALIO, Jorge L. Alio

Edisi 1st ed.
Penerbit New Delhi : Jaypee Brothers Medical Publisher, 2013
Deskripsi Fisik xviii, 106 halaman : ilustrasi ; 27 cm.
ISBN 9789350905098
Bahasa Indonesia
Call Number R/610.28 FEM f

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Index : halaman 105-106 ; This book aims to instruct the corneal surgeon in the ways in which femtosecond lasers can be used for corneal grafting surgery. To do this properly, the author (s) has invited selected opinion leader surgeons with extensive experience in this innovative technology and who use different technologies to offer their practical approaches for corneal lamellar grafts, penetrating grafts and alternative lamellar graft techniques, such as corneal excision. As the level of evidence still reported is not high, but it is more about the surgical practicality and personal experience of such innovative surgeons, this book approaches this surgical technique and the femtosecond technology from a practical point of view. The reader will find the ways in which the technologies can be used, how to use the different elements involved in the procedure properly, such as artificial anterior chambers and a comment about the level of evidence that we have at this moment on the use of femtosecond laser as a better technology to create the corneal donor and recipient cutting interfaces for the purpose of improving refractive visual and clinical outcomes. In this respect, it is the first book on this technology and topic to be published so far.


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