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Crime Analysis With Crime Mapping

Crime Analysis With Crime Mapping

BOBA, Rachel

Edisi 2nd ed.
Penerbit Thousand Oaks, United States : SAGE Publications Inc, 2009
Deskripsi Fisik xviii, 357 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
ISBN 9781412968584
Bahasa Indonesia
Call Number R/363.23 BOB c

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Index : p. 347-356 ; Bibliography : p. 327-333 ; "Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping, Second Edition" provides a basic introduction to crime analysis with crime mapping data and techniques for students and practitioners. Instead of focusing on specific technology or the use of it, the text focuses on concepts and practical examples of the concepts. As the only introductory core text book for crime analysis and mapping, this comprehensive text is one that every crime analyst should read and have on his or her shelf for review and reference.The second edition includes the following: A new preface - outlines the purpose and intended market for the book; a new chapter - links the previous theory chapter to the practice of crime prevention in policing and provides justification for the importance and role of crime analysis in policing; a new chapter - discusses how patterns can be used by police and uses those concepts to walk students through the identification of meaningful and useful patterns - a brief new chapter - concludes the text and provides a review of how crime analysis fits into policing and crime prevention, its importance, improvements that can be made, and the future of the profession; and, an expanded discussion of the various types of technology for crime analysis and additional examples of how they can be used.


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