Civilization and its enemies :  the next stage of history

Civilization and its enemies : the next stage of history

Harris, Lee (Pengarang)

Peradaban -- Dunia Politik -- Sosialisme
Detil Buku
Edisi -
Penerbit New York : Free Press, 2004
Deskripsi Fisik xix, 232 halaman. : ilustrasi. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0743257499
Subjek Peradaban -- Dunia Politik -- Sosialisme
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number R/320.531 HAR c
Forgetfulness occurs when those who have been long inured to civilized order can no longer remember a time in which they had to wonder whether their crops would grow to maturity without being stolen or their children sold into slavery by a victorious foe....They forget that in time of danger, in the face of the enemy, they must trust and confide in each other, or perish....They forget, in short, that there has ever been a category of human experience called the enemy. "That, before 9/11, was what had happened to us. The very concept of the enemy had been banished from our moral and political vocabulary. An enemy was just a friend we hadn't done enough for yet. Or perhaps there had been a misunderstanding, or an oversight on our part -- something that we could correct.... "Our first task is therefore to try to grasp what the concept of the enemy really means. The enemy is someone who is willing to die in order to kill you. And while it is true that the enemy always hates us for a reason, it is his reason, and not ours." ; Indeks : halaman 221-232
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