Quiet impact :  tak masalah jadi orang introver

Quiet impact : tak masalah jadi orang introver

Loehken, Sylvia (Pengarang) ; Alex Tri Kantjono Widodo (Penerjemah) ; Pandam Kuntaswari (Penyunting)

psikologi-- self-improvement
Detil Buku
Edisi cetakan kedua ; cetakan kedelapan ; Cetakan 11
Penerbit Jakarta : Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2019 ; 2021 ; 2023; © 2014 by Sylvia Loehken
Deskripsi Fisik vii, 307 Halaman ; 23 cm
ISBN 9786020634074
Subjek psikologi-- self-improvement
Bahasa Indonesia
Call Number 158.1 SYL q ; 158.1 LOE q ; 155.2 LOE q
Judul asli: Quiet impact: how to be a successful introvert ; Teks dalam bahasa Indonesia diterjemahkan dari bahasa Inggris ; Most business, communication, and success books focus on extroverts who are indeed born comfortable in connecting, speaking, and being the center of attention. However, 30% of the human population is introverted, and this book can help them find their voice. Extroverts are also recommended to study it in order to be able to understand introverts and treat them well. This book identifies 10 specific strengths that introverts have, such as independence, perseverance, and writing ability, and 10 specific obstacles that often have to be faced such as overstimulation, the desire to look intellectual, and the fear of facing conflict. Supported by the results of the latest psychological research and the experience of guiding introverts in the work area, this book contains practical suggestions that are easy to apply to personal life, both in establishing relationships with friends, lovers, and family as well as professional relationships at work.
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