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Kancil loncat meloncat lebih tinggi : 10 tahun kerja 10 perusahaan

Nicholas Marpaung (Pengarang)

Self improvement / Pengembangan Diri
Edisi -
Penerbit Jakarta : Grasindo, 2021
Deskripsi Fisik 208 Halaman : Ilustrasi ; 20 cm
ISBN 9786020528410
Subjek Self improvement / Pengembangan Diri
Bahasa Indonesia
Call Number 155.25 NIC k ; KC/155.25 NIC k ; 155.25 MAR k

Tersedia di:

Perpustakaan Jakarta - Cikini
Dapat dipinjam: 5
Perpustakaan Jakarta Timur - Jatinegara
Dapat dipinjam: 4
Perpustakaan Jakarta Pusat - Petojo Enclek
Dapat dipinjam: 3


"Basically, working anywhere or in any field, you're building yourself up. You're walking towards the best version of yourself that you're designing and preparing." Mochammad Rifqi Harimuji, S.T. - Sales &Marketing Professional "Take courage to melt down first. If you are still just graduated and don't have many skills, don't be too picky. Opportunities that come up in plain sight, take them and make them a place where you learn and grow." Jufri Ramadhan Sinurat - Founder of Fable Group "If you want to work, be a good worker. Contribute to the company because it is the cooperation of both parties. You benefit from having a job, income, and a place to develop yourself, while the company also benefits from getting help to develop the company." Shana Fatina - Founder of Tinamitra Mandiri Group, President Director of the Labuan Bajo Flores Authority. "If you feel that you can't develop, even though on the other hand you feel that you have the potential to develop for the better, it's natural that you are looking for a new place." Milky Way. A - VP HR Business Partner at Indosat Ooredoo "Make the internship a place for you to learn more, hone your skills to be better and more expert. This is indeed a process that fresh graduates have to go through." Andros Sitorus - Associate Director at JAC Recruitment Indonesia "Always look for challenges for yourself at work. If there are no more challenges that you can find, start to jump into a jumping deer, find a new company that can give us a challenge so that it continues to grow." Fatrian Rubiansyah Rusydy - Water Processing Technology Professional "The first step when entering the world of work, don't be immediately money-oriented. However, start hunting as many skills, abilities, abilities, skills, and experience as possible."


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