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Contemporary advertising and integrated marketing communications.

Contemporary advertising and integrated marketing communications.

William F. Arens (Pengarang)

Periklanan / Advertising
Edisi edisi ketigabelas
Penerbit Amerika : Mc Graw Hill, 2021
Deskripsi Fisik xxxi, 733 halaman : ilustrasi ; 26 cm
ISBN 9780071220606
Subjek Periklanan / Advertising
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number R/659.1 ARE c

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Perpustakaan Jakarta - Cikini
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This product is the “big version” (18 chapters) intended for courses in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication. The course is taken by students in liberal arts, journalism, mass communication, and business programs. However, due to its practical, hands-on approach, depth of coverage, and marketing management emphasis, it is also widely used in university extension courses, and courses on advertising management. The wealth of award-winning advertisements also makes it a resource guide to the best work in the field for students in art and graphic design courses. The rate of change in advertising and IMC over the past several years has been MASSIVE, so this revision is the most significant to date. All data, examples,statistics, images and vignettes updated to reflect the latest information available. There is also significantly more coverage of digital and social media, consumer privacy and data protection, ethics, diversity and global.


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