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Detail in contemporary residential architecture 2

Detail in contemporary residential architecture 2

Philips, David (Pengarang)

Arsitektur / Bangunan
Edisi Edisi ketiga
Penerbit London : Laurence King Student & Professional, 2022; © 2013 David Phillips and Megumi Yamashita
Deskripsi Fisik 223 halaman : ilustrasi ; 38 cm.
ISBN 9781780671758
Subjek Arsitektur / Bangunan
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number R/721 PHI d

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Perpustakaan Jakarta - Cikini
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Indeks : halaman 222-223 ; Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture 2 follows on from the success of the first book in the series, and contains all new projects. Featuring the work of renowned architects from around the world, this book presents 50 of the most recently completed and influential designs, along with analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in modern residential architecture. The projects are presented in clear and concise layouts over four pages. All of the drawings are styled consistently and presented at standard architectural scales to allow for easy comparison. Each project is presented with color photographs, site plans, and sections and elevations, as well as numerous construction details. There is also descriptive text, detailed captions and in-depth information for each project. A bonus CD contains drawings from the book, in both .eps and .dwg (generic CAD) formats.


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