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Karl Lagerfeld unseen :  the chanel years

Karl Lagerfeld unseen : the chanel years

Singer, Salli (Pengarang)

Desain Fashion / Fotografi
Edisi Cetakan, 2022
Penerbit London : Thames & Hudson, 2022; © 2022 Salli Singer; © 2022 Robert Fairer
Deskripsi Fisik 352 halaman : ilustrasi berwarna ; 35 cm
ISBN 9780500024249
Subjek Desain Fashion / Fotografi
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number R/746.92 SIN k

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Perpustakaan Jakarta - Cikini
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Casting a new light on one of the best-loved chapters in fashion history, Karl Lagerfeld Unseen: The Chanel Years illuminates key Chanel collections and creations from behind the scenes. From discreet client fittings in rue Cambon’s immaculate black-and-beige salons to previously unseen backstage moments that show models, hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists and Karl Lagerfeld himself at work, Robert Fairer’s stunning and high-energy photographs capture the elegance, glamour and spirit that defined Karl Lagerfeld’s shows for Chanel. Texts by Karl Lagerfeld’s collaborators and friends provide a fresh perspective on his creative process and reveal the stories behind the now iconic designs. A treasure trove of inspiration, this publication will be a must-have reference for fashion and photography lovers alike, and for dedicated Chanel fans the world over.


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