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Doing philosophy

Doing philosophy

Fransiskus Nong Budi (Pengarang)

Meditasi / Psikologi
Edisi cetakan pertama
Penerbit Jakarta : One Peach Media, 2023; © 2023, Fransiskus Nong Budi
Deskripsi Fisik x, 392 halaman ; 21 cm
ISBN 9786234831276
Subjek Meditasi / Psikologi
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number KC/158.128 FRA d

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Philosophical action is a meditation. This meditation is a philosophical action, an act of philosophy looking at everyday reality. The everyday reality behind the everyday is visible to human perception. Being in the air of existence, the mind can see the whole. Acting Philosophically takes you flying with the fifteen daily meditations. With a foundation of self-awareness, philosophical action flies you towards metaphysics. You will encounter many panoramas of thoughts and reflections. Relationships and communication become a beautiful sight that is ready to be enjoyed. In addition, regarding human togetherness and its values. Democracy and justice are no less interesting. Terrorism and radicalism will also be seen. Moreover, technology and its applications that show themselves from a distance. What is not left behind is the ethics and reality of crime. All that, everything else, takes you to the foundations of Reality. It’s with which you don’t waver and get deeper into thinking and acting philosophically. Enjoy the panorama from a height, through the clouds of everyday reality, may you arrive at the goal of philosophical flight. Continue to act philosophically!


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