No time to panic :  how i curbed my anxiety and conquered a lifetime of panic attacks

No time to panic : how i curbed my anxiety and conquered a lifetime of panic attacks

Gutman, Matt (Pengarang)

Ketakutan -- Panic -- Kecemasan -- Kesehatan Mental -- Perbaikan diri
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Penerbit New York : Doubleday, 2023; © 2023 by Matt Gutman
Deskripsi Fisik 240 halaman ; 22 cm
ISBN 9780385549059
Subjek Ketakutan -- Panic -- Kecemasan -- Kesehatan Mental -- Perbaikan diri
Bahasa Inggris
Call Number 152.46 GUT n
Bibliografi: halaman 233-240 ; Matt Gutman can tell you the precise moment when his life was upended. Reporting live on a huge story in January 2020, he found himself in the throes of an on-air panic attack—and not for the first time. The truth is that Gutman had been enduring panic attacks in secret for twenty years: soul-bruising episodes that left his vision constricted, his body damp, his nerves shot. Despite the challenges, he had carved out a formidable career, reporting from war zones and natural disasters before millions of viewers on Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and 20/20. His nerves typically “punched through” to TV audiences, making his appearances kinetic and often unforgettable. But his January 2020 broadcast was unusual for all the wrong reasons. Mid-panic, Gutman misstated the facts of a story, a blunder that led to a monthlong suspension, not to mention public shame and personal regret. It was a reckoning. Gutman’s panic attacks had become too much for him to bear in secret. He needed help. So begins a personal journey into the science and treatment of panic attacks. Gutman would talk to the world’s foremost scholars on panic and anxiety, who showed him that his mind wasn’t broken; it’s our perception of panic that needs recalibration. He would consult therapists and shamans, trying everything from group treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy to ayahuasca and psilocybin. And he would take a hard look at the trauma reverberating inside him—from his childhood, but also from his years as a conflict reporter. Unsparing, perceptive, and often funny, this is the story of a panic sufferer who took on the monster within. Filled with wisdom and actionable insights, it’s at once an inspirational journey and a road map—if not toward a singular cure, then to something even more worthy: peace of mind.
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