Walter spies :  a life in art

Walter spies : a life in art

Stowell, John

Pelukis indonesia -- Pelukis-Biografi
Detil Buku
Edisi Edisi pertama
Penerbit Jakarta : Afterhours Books, 2011
Deskripsi Fisik 327 halaman : ilustrasi ; 33 cm.
ISBN 9786029658804
Subjek Pelukis indonesia -- Pelukis-Biografi
Bahasa Indonesia
Call Number R/927.5 STO w
Index : halaman 318-325 ; This book presents a fully documented biography in an 80,000-word text. It places the works and related documents in chronological order and supplies a catalogue of all the known works, including mention of those that have been lost, and an analytical index. The biography, which is also available as a separate volume, traces the remarkable life of an exceptional individual whose career touched at many points the challenging issues of the first half of the twentieth century. In detention he kept up his music and painting as best he could, but lost his life when a ship taking civil internees to safety was sunk by a bomb from a ‘friendly’ reconnaissance plane. The drama of Spies’s life and the quality of his paintings are captured in the two publications of the Walter Spies Collectors Suite.
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