Foreign policy :  menuju kebijakan luar negeri level 4

Foreign policy : menuju kebijakan luar negeri level 4

Riant Nugroho

Bisnis manajemen
Detil Buku
Edisi Cetakan pertama
Penerbit Jakarta : PT Elex Media Komputindo, 2021
Deskripsi Fisik 376 Halaman ; 23 cm
ISBN 9786230027529
Subjek Bisnis manajemen
Bahasa Indonesia
Call Number 650 RIA f
Indonesia's Foreign Policy (KLN) is time to enter a new stage. First, because it does not quite stop at the study of "diplomats", but to "negotiators", and go into "regulators". KLN must be able to regulate the global order. How? Introduced KLN Level 4—not "Industry 4.0". The book also takes the treasures of foreign public policy from "realist-liberalist-structuralist", to exploring to "black-swan". Secondly, because today, every public policy of a country, let alone a G-20 class country like Indonesia, is Foreign Policy, because it affects the policies of other countries in the region and the world. Dus, Foreign Policy today is not sufficiently developed on the scientific basis of international relations alone, but by capitalizing on the science of public policy at large.
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